Our Services

At Anytime Senior Care Services, we are here to help you whatever way we can. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure we’re meeting your in-home care needs. Non-Medical assessments are conducted to find client's functioning capabilities, to identify their needs, and to determine what services are required to assist them to attain and maintain optimum independence.

Companion and Sitter Services

We listen, chat and offer a hand with small tasks. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone else there. Companions are there to supervise and monitor the client in the comfort of their homes. Companion services include: provide recreational activities, friendly conversation, meal preparation, assist with telephone calls, shopping, hobbies, medication reminders, transport clients to appointments and assist with errands. 

Homemaker Services

Our homemakers’ services make day-to-day living more manageable. These services include general housekeeping, errands, meal preparation and planning, medication reminders, laundry, preparing grocery list, checking for food expiration dates, provide transportation of client to appointments, and much more.

Pet Services

 Own a pet? We are available to feed, walk, take your pet to the Vet and grooming appointments!

Medication Reminder Services

Anytime Senior Care Services cannot dispense medications, our caregivers can provide those friendly reminders of when to take your medications, ensure you are taking them as directed, and reminders when it’s time to refill. We call you or your loved ones to reinforce and encourage proper medication adherence at dosage and times. 

Reassurance Home Assessment

In-home safety visit assessment is a comfort service that provides a face-to-face home visit or a phone call to monitor and ensure you or your loved ones are safe. It may be used for medication reminders, senior safety check-up and to communicate anything out of the ordinary, any concerns or simply ensuring you are having a good day and staying safe.

Overnight Services

Get the peace of mind knowing someone is always there. We help you complete tasks at bedtime, such as getting dressed. We also will be there when you wake up to help with breakfast or other needs.

Hospital Discharge Services

We can  provide a flexible service for patients being discharged from hospital, whether the discharge is planned or at short notice.

Also, we  can arrange to meet the patient on arrival home or accompany them home.

Provide extended support on the first visit while they are getting settled back in, to include shopping for basic essentials, making up beds, and ensuring that the house is clean and tidy. This is essential for patients with little or no family support. Remain overnight or live on site for a couple of days if more intensive support is required.

Escort Services

Anytime Senior Care Services offers escort services to our clients that experience difficulties getting to the store, pharmacy, grocery shopping, doctor's appointments and much more. Our caregivers can accommodate you or your loved one with getting ready for an appointment or outing, accompany you during the appointment or outing per client preference, and assist you safely back home. Once back at home we will help you get situated or settled.

Wellness Checks

The monthly wellness visits include evaluation of our services to customized the needs of the client or your loved one. In addition, the individual and/or the family will receive a monthly report.

Relaxation  Therapy​ Services

Relaxation therapy is a technique that helps people to be more relaxed when confronted with pain or a stressful situation. Therapists use a variety of methods, including progressive muscle relaxation, mental imaging, music, and even aromas, to induce a natural state of relaxation.

Insurance & Billing

Anytime Senior Care Services are committed to offering affordable services to our clients. We do not accept any health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid for non-medical in-home care services. However, some long-term care insurance policies will pay for these types of services, Veterans benefits, workers compensation and private payments.   If you have any questions about your insurance plan please contact our office today and we will evaluate your current long-term care policy coverage. 

Anytime Senior Care Services accepts payment for services by credit card, check, debit card and bank wire transfers. The client can request a recurring of an automatic credit card payment or Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawals from your bank account.